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X-Man The Superhero Of The Airwaves

Published in Lowrider Magazine in December 2005 text & photo By Volo 

The lowriding gente have branched out in all forms over the years.  Non-educated to very educated; men, women and children; students, police officers, doctors, lawyers, office workers, construction workers, professional sports players and actors.  Of course, enthusiasts know that the lifestyle of lowriding can run deep in the veins and that it can capture anybody’s interest; it knows no boundaries!  The world of broadcast is no exception and well known to the lowriding community of both Southern and Northern California is radio personality  and deejay, Xavier “The X-Man”.  Almost every day of the week, he is on the air playing the old school hits or the slow jams to Raza across “CalifAztlan.”

You would think with the millions and millions of dollars that X-Man makes(well, maybe no that much0 and with all of the people that he knows, he could drop off his car somewhere and it would be fully customized and tricked out in just a couple of days, but, no, The X-Man watched and learned from fellow lowriders and actuallygot his own hands dirty fixing up his seafoam green ’63 Chevy Impala Super Sport.  He is going after the OG style, restoring everything back to original status, but still it has that classic cruiser look that many lowrider guy or gal would respect.  “LRM featureda ’63 called “Mint Condition” back in the May ’04 issue,” said X-Man, “and man, that car is clean!  I’m hoping to get my car up to that status soon.”

Professionally speaking, The X-Man knows his audience well(and they know him well, too) but maybe the familiarity is there because he can relate to them on a common level.  The X-Man is not only on the air and considered a celebrity, but he’s very active in the local communities.  Every chance that he gets, he cruises his classic car to various events, mostly working with children.  He even has a motivational program for junior high and high school students and speaks to them about the importance of higher education.  WIth the attention the gets, not only on-air, but when driving the Impala, what better materail motivation can there be that’s so appealing to youngsters?  The X-Man has earned himself a Bachelor of Science degree in Public Relations from San Jose State University.

On one of his own radio programs, the popular Turn Off The Lights show airing on late weekday evenings, X-Man serenades a more adult audience with slow jams.  Not only is the music tight, but the show gives listeners many chances to call in and make song requests or love dedications.The X-Man was raised in Salinas, California, which is where he also first learned about radio as well as lowriders.  Today, his voice is still heard over the air there, but if you don’t find him physically there,  he’ll either be in San Diego or the San Francisco Bay Area, on the air or at the local lowrider car show.

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